Add Aerial Photos to your listings or projects.

AvTim's Aerial Photos

Aerial Photos

Each location photo shoot is $99.00

you will have 4 - 10 high quality photos. 

Add an exterior video for $100 more - $199

Make it a walk through for another $100, total package $299

Make Great Closing Gifts

You have unlimited permission and can print photos or use them in any way.  

We recommend you down load the photos and use your own lab such as CVS or Walmart.

Edit them Your Self

If your computer savvy you can add arrows and text to any of these photos with ease.  

No copy right or permission to use is required. 

Enjoy your photos

Or Have Us Do It...

For $65.00 per hour we can edit all your photos as needed.  

Remove unwanted Cars or eye sores. 

Add Arrows and Text 

How it Works

1. Use our online store  

2. We fly for you. 

3. Pick up online

Pick up your Photos

Due to file size we can not email photos. We use an online gallery for you to download your photos as you wish.

Branded & Non-Branded Videos

AvTims videos are hosted on youtube and formatted via 

You will received two links to your video one branded with your contact information and one non-branded for the MLS system. 

Check out this sample flight!

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