AvTims - Sonic

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Wingspan - 28" 

Length - 16"

Swappable Power pod (Same as Flite Test) 


Kits Included: 

All Foam Parts (New Hobby Lobby)

CNC Cut Plywood Firewall

Dowels & Popcycle Sticks

Metal Push Rods

Plastic Control Horns


Required to Finish 

Wheel Kit / Tail Dragger  (Two Foam Wheels & Rod) 

Paint or Sharpie Markers

Radio (Transmitter & Receiver)

Four Servos 

Brushless Out Runner Motor (28mm 1000-1500Ka 3S)

Propeller (8" to 10")

ESC (20-30amp)

Lipo Battery (3S, 1500mAh)

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