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Posted by Timothy F Anders on 17th Dec 2018

Welcome to AvTims!

When I was 4 years old my dad took me for a ride in an airplane, since then I've never shut up about flying.  LOL!  One of my favorite memories was building a plastic model of a "Zero".  We spent hours painting, assembling, painting some more. Dad stepped away for a few minutes and returned to an empty tray table and me watching TV kicking my legs.  "Tim, where is the plane" .... Me "Oh its in the Trash, it didn't fly at all just dropped to the ground, can we go back and get one that works".  

Since then,

Over the years we built many planes, RC and others.  I have always valued my time with my Dad surround by Balsa dust and "Jet" glue fumes in the air.  Now days we have been burning our selves with hot glue, and the smell has been replaced by sharpie markers, but the effect is the same, actual flying radio controlled planes. 

Waters Warm Come on in!

So heat up your glue guns, uncap your sharpies and lets make some memories.   Order your pre-cut kit or down load the free plans.  Feel free to watch the build a long videos and get flying.