About the AvTim's - F16 Falcon


You will love this easy to make F16!

Our Falcon F16 is a fun RC plane with a scale look at an affordable price. 

Move up to Electric Ducted Fan performance, with out breaking the bank.

Coming Soon "F16 Falcon" pre-cut kit

Flight Video F-16 Falcon

Wow this plane is fun to fly!  Watch the maiden flight of the F-16.  We have flown this a lot more but, wow we were so excited to make this flight happen! 

See the F-16 Falcon in Action

Build Videos

Build an F-16 Falcon along with Tim!

Build an along with Tim 

Make a EDF Swappable Power Pod for the AvTim's Jet Series or your own designs.

Free Plan Downloads

These plans are free to scratch build parts as needed for your plane or build a whole plane!  If you like our design send us photos of you with it! If you love it feel free to "Buy us a Beer"

F16 Page 1 (pdf)


F16 Page 2 (pdf)


F16 Page 3 (pdf)


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