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For as long as I can remember R/C Planes have been my passion.  We make it easy! 

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About Us

Hi my name is Tim

My dad and I built a plastic model of a plane one weekend. We worked for hours on it, used a tooth pick to paint lines.  It was great.  Dad stepped away for a moment when he came back the plane was in the trash and I was watching TV. "Uh Tim where is the plane?" he asked. "Oh it didn't fly I threw it away." From then on we only build planes that fly!

Dad's Fleet of AvTim's Planes

From easy the easy to fly Cub, to the more advanced aerobatic planes, we have something for everyone.  

Use our Free Plans, or Pre-Cut kits, heat up your glue gun and watch our build videos.  Today is going to be awesome. 

Aerial Photos for Realestate

We make it simple for you to add aerial photos to your listings or construction projects. 

Or maybe you just want a really cool photo of your Beach House. 

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