Parallel Charging Board

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AvTims is happy to offer this Low Cost - High Value System

The Safe 40A Parallel Charge Board allows you to charge four battery packs simultaneously, drastically reducing charge time! The battery packs being charged in parallel need to have the same cell count and be in a similar state of discharge (within 0.2V).

That means you can charge four 3S 2200mAh or more at the same time with a standard charger!

A unique feature of this board is the ability to "daisy chain" it with others. There is a set of 4mm bullet jacks on the end and a balance plug connection allowing you to connect another parallel board to it. This means you can connect multiple boards together with different plug types to charge all of your same cell count batteries simultaneously!

The Safe 40A parallel charge board features replaceable automotive style fuses to protect each circuit, this will insure safe charging at up to 40A.

Cell: 2~6S
Voltage: 0~22.2VDC
Max current: 40A
Battery: 4 packs (same discharge state & cell count)
Connector: XT60