AvTims RC Aircraft Fleet

AvTim's Piper Cub

This little plane was the first plane I designed.  It has quite a tug on my heart and remains the easiest to fly plane. 

AvTim's Reflection

A retro style plane that can be flown quickly or as slow as you like.  You will love flying this plane! Build and enjoy!

AvTim's Bird

An R/C plane for a simple basic glider.  Easy to build, can be built as; motor glider, tow line, winch, or slope soar plane.

AvTim's Bonanza A36

Our Box Stand Off Scale Series A36, is a great way to enjoy scale looks on a fraction of the price. Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat! 

AvTim's F15 Screaming Eagle

R/C Twin Electric Ducted Fan.  The Screaming Eagle will keep your heart beating with is scale speed. Zoom!

AvTim's F16 Falcon

This was my first EDF Jet, check out the flight video.  A great EDF on a low budget. I've built four of these and still love it!

AvTim's Gee Bee R1

Oh Gee Bee! This plane sparks curiosity in a lot of pilots.  Does that fly? Well yes, yes it does. And quite well. you will enjoy this!

AvTim's Gee Bee Z

Trainer Aircraft can be boring, The AvTim's Gee Bee Z project was to create a fun look but have an easy to fly plane for beginners. 

AvTim's Sonex

My Brother built a full scale OneX, so I designed this for him to experiment with paint schemes.  It's a snappy aerobat.

AvTim's Skylane

As a young kid playing with RC planes, I always wanted a plane that looked like a PLANE not just a model.  Our "Skylane" provides a fantastic scale look while maintaining any budget.  

AvTim's Master

Coming Soon

AvTims Firebolt

In the 80's interesting projects would show up on the field, flying lawn mower, Snoopy's dog house, and yes the Flying Witch on a Broom.  Here is our version of the flying Wizards with optional Witch.